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Terms of purchase

If, for reasons not ascribable to the Organizer, the matches were to be postponed (such as, for example, in case of bad weather) or cancelled for the entirety of a schedule set for a specific/particular day, the Organizer will provide a refund for the impacted tickets, barring any service fees, by chargeback on the same channel used for the original payment, only upon e-mail request to within 48 hours of the cancellation.

In case of postponement or cancellation of games scheduled during the final day (June 23rd 2024), the Ticket will not be refunded as the games will be rescheduled at a time and manner which will be swiftly communicated.

The User, which Ticket had been stolen, lost, destroyed, deteriorated, or damaged in a way that it becomes even partially unreadable, will not be granted any type of refund or ticket swap, not even after filing a loss or theft report.

The Ticket must be bought through authorized Distribution Channels, for an equal to the price herein indicated. Whenever a Ticket is bought with a discount on the relative purchase price such as, for example, those benefitting disabled people, the User must provide, when checking into the Facility, eligible documentation attesting the right to the benefit as specified on the Ticket, as well as valid ID.

WTA and the Organizer hold the rights of image related to the Event. Photoshoots and visual or audiovisual recordings of the Matches, Training and other events taking place during the Event inside the Facilities (such as, for example, interviews, cultural events, promotional events, etc.) are allowed, on the part of the User, exclusively for personal purposes.

Without previous written authorization by the Organizer, it’s forbidden for the User to use images, visual or audiovisual recordings of the Event for commercial or advertising purposes, as well as to publish said images or recordings on broadcasting platforms (for example social networks and video-sharing platforms such as, etc…) that do not limit their distribution, thus making them accessible for non-exclusively-personal purposes.

The use of laptops and other portable electronic devices is forbidden when inside the stands on the Courts during Training and Matches; an exception is made, however, for the use of said devices that accredited media and the Event’s staff should make when carrying out their own functions. Inside the Facilities it is forbidden for the User to finalize or accept bets, directly or indirectly, or to facilitate others through decisive means for their successfulness.

It is also forbidden to the User to collect, spread, broadcast or publish, through any means, scores and statistical data relative to the Matches (from their start until their end) for commercial or gambling purposes. Failure to comply with at least one of the aforementioned obligations could lead to the nullification of the Access Pass and the removal of the User from the Facilities; in that case, the User will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.

It is forbidden to introduce animals in the Facilities, with the only exception of guide dogs accompanying visually impaired people.